Royal Ruby Realty is the brainchild of Naomi Evans, Designated Broker.  After more than a decade of real estate experience in sales and property management, this innovative real estate firm officers comprehensive real estate services to all residential and commercial clients in the Phoenix metro area and beyond. This distinguishes Royal Ruby Realty with niche' firms who are not diversified. Whether you are a renter, existing home owner, future home owner, invester, new to the state, moving out of state, active or retired military, want to rent out 1 property or 100, Royal Ruby Realty is built to serve you.


Why choose Naomi and Royal Ruby Realty to represent you?


INTEGRITY - Naomi, Royal Ruby's Designated Broker is a former property manager, real estate agent, and bookkeeper for some of the most successful property management firms in Arizona.  She not only plays by the book, she will fight for you in all phases of any real estate transaction no matter how big or small the investment.


SERVICE - Naomi and Royal Ruby Realty want to treat you like royalty, from the moment you first meet.  Royal Ruby Realty is locally owned, managed, and operated in Arizona, so you are always treated with respect and loyalty.


EXPERIENCE -  Naomi has lived in the Phoenix area since 2002 and focused professional in real estate since 2002.  She has managed thousands of residential rental properties and worked under the tutilage of many of the State's best senior real estate agents.

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